Scotland is the heaven of woodlands and natural forests as one fifth of its land area is forests. Britain’s 7 out of 10 forests are in Scotland and so everywhere you look there is a direction leading towards a trail of nature and wildlife. The green blanket of Scotland belongs mainly to these forests and explorers come from across the world to visit Scotland and calm their wandering soul.

If you too have an appetite for wildlife and wandering through nature here are the best woodlands of Scotland.

Galloway Forest Park

Britain’s largest forest park the Galloway was established in 1947 and contains the wonders of nature to the farthest of its corner. The woodlands are heavenly and take you away from the hustle and bustle of the city with authentic and lush green landscape. The wide and wild species of nature’s creatures are found in the forest while the waterways are flowing magnificently at sight. The spring season brings with it blooming carpet of bluebells and imperial species of butterflies. This is just what natures have to provide at the forest but the park contains list of endless activities for the whole family. Watch the wildlife close or do mountain biking, explore the woods deep in the forest or enjoy tranquil while fishing in the waters. Hill climbing and picnic with the otters, and as nightfall clusters of stars to gaze at the Dark sky, the nature lovers won’t have enough of it.

Enchanted Forest

Pitlochry’s Enchanted Forest is filled with elements of colour, sound and light which successfully gives everyone a unique experience on its own. This particularly happens in late September autumn in Faskally Wood in Highland Perthshire Scotland’s Primers Sound and Light Event. When the trees are illuminated with lights and sound filling the air of deep Enchanted Forest is sight out of the world. The forest park runs from the community charity of the Enchanted Forest trust and has won the UK’s best cultural event Scottish award for the third time in the row. The Enchanted Forest was also crowned the winner of the Rural Tourism and Hospitality Award at the 2016 Scottish Rural Awards. Your visit to the cultural Enchanted Forest promises everything you expect.

Rothiemurchus Forest, Cairngorms National Park

When talking about the best of the nature views in Scotland Rothiemurchus forest plays the host of all that what nature has to offer. The stunning Cairngorms Mountains and a perfect scenic backdrop is what makes Rothiemurchus forest stand out from other Scotland’s forests.  Rothiemurchus is also the hub of Scotland’s Caledonian pine forests and is voted as one of the best picnic spots in Scotland. If you might have come across the pictures of this Scottish marveling forest you have underestimated its beauty as it is even more miraculous in reality. Rothiemurchus lies in Highlands of Scotland, at the heart of the Cairngorms National Park. The park is particularly loved and cared for almost 500 years by generations of the Grant family. There is amazing wildlife to see and spectacular waterways to experience while list of outdoor family activities to keep you from wanting more of this woodland.

Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park

Beautiful water banks, a thrilling historic site and a peaceful walk in the woods at the Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park is what you need for a weekend. The best thing about Loch Lomond is that it consists of beautiful lake you might have ever come across in whole of Scotland. As the snow topped mountains reflect upon the tranquil waters the mere sight is all that will leave you breathless. It is one of the most popular destinations around Britain as per the history of over 100 years. The lake side is also perfect place to pitch a family camp; you will spend your night under the stars with the sound of gentle waterway and wake up to the mountains reaching for the blue skies. There is wildlife for the kids and tons of activities for the family and is also a place you can plan your solo trip. If you are keen for some water sports you can expect every kind of watercraft a boat or perhaps a kayak, canoe, Jet Ski, cruiser and even wind surfing. The park is also fit for romantic trips as there are hill tops, rocky peaks and unique spots away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Queen Elizabeth Forest Park

One of the most magical forest park for family holiday trips around the Scottish territory is the popular Queen Elizabeth Forest Park. Sparkling loach, spectacular woods, trail tracks and mountain tops surround you as you are at the midst of the forest exploring wildlife and breathe taking scenery. There is a family lodge that guide you towards trails and wildlife while you can sit a sip or dine at a café. The views of hill tops and rugged mountains are the best part of the landscape which becomes even more overwhelming when it is from the riverside. Walk on foot or cycle your way through the trails, the perfect type of adventure is simply when you are exploring through the Queen Elizabeth Forest Park.