London is the heaven on earth for all the foodies and is practically the ultimate destination for food tours and holidays. Whatever you might come to think of related to food, London has it covered and in fact we provide you with list of options, like themed restaurants and cafes. The one important thing to foodies other than food is the ambiance of the place and so what is better than a themed cafe that serves your good food.

The Piano Works

The combination of food and music is the best not just when you are eating quality food and there is good music playing at the background but in a more definite manner. Something like that happens at piano works; a bar/restaurant that is inspired by the good old days of jazz and dancing. The guests at the restaurant get to experience live music being played by pianist and get to drink from its vast cocktail menu at the bar without a break. The Victorian restaurant plus bar is situated in Farringdon and is a late night music venue where you can sing, dance, order food and music of your choice. One of the most unique thing in this themed bar is that the party here never stops and all those who love jazz can be the part of the infinite fun.

Bar and Café Kick

For all those who love to watch footballs matches and eat Panini this is just the sports café you need to stop on those big game nights. The ceiling of the place is filled with the flags of sports teams and of course the best part is the football table which is the main attraction for the visitors. Football lovers not just get to watch matches but enjoy fresh organic meal on order which is healthy and good to taste. Other than all this there is a whole other menu dedicated towards cocktails and imported beer. You can also enjoy their buffet table menu if you have a big appetite.

The Rainforest café

The rainforest themed café really deserves to be in the list of themed cafes in London. The café on the west end of the city near the popular Piccadilly circus is gives you a dining experience that feels wild. The theme of the café as regarded by its name is exotic rainforest and not just its wild ambiance but the menu is also driven from the theme as well. You can expect safari soup under the trees and rain showers while there are waterfalls and the calming flow of the water to enjoy just like at the Amazon rainforest. The restaurant is dedicated mainly towards American cuisine so if you want some pasta, burgers or pizza you can enjoy your wild visit at the tropical rainforest café.

The four Quarters

The love of arcade games is only subsided with the launch of new tech games which are easily accessible but the real deal will always be games these old school gaming experience provide. Which is why the bar diner is the place where you can munch down those grilled burgers and drink some craft beer while playing street fighter and shooting down those zombies through machine guns. There are Wrestle Mania challenge, Pinball and more plus the ambiance is quite barn like and the best part is that the place is open past midnight.

Petersham Nurseries Café

The café of Petesham nurseries proves to be quite authentic in its delicacy of both food and ambiance. The café is dedicated towards Italian cuisine in a unique touch of ingredients that are as raw as the changing season in the garden that surround the cafe. Menu includes rosemary and oyster led dishes and authentic risotto which the café serves during lunch hours only. The dinner options at their restaurants are available on first come first served basis in just handful days of a season. There are special supper delicacies as well and homemade cakes and coffee on order which too are prepared on first come and first served bases up until 4:00 pm.