London is filled with most beautiful pathways that lead you around the city and the streets itself are of astounding beauty enough you get off track with the location. London consists of the most colourful yet vintage streets from around Britain; from vintage mews of Kingston, Notting Hill or Chelsea London provides you ways of wonder. These rainbow hued mews are popular amongst fashion bloggers, celebrities, movie locations and writers from across Britain. Instragram posts are of Londoners are never without these ultra-classic streets.

Here are the most classic streets around the city of London

Kensington Park Road, Notting Hill

The Kensington park road is the hub beautiful properties around greater part of London. The street lies on West London and is popularly known for its cosmopolitan neighbourhood. The part of the film Trainspotting was shot in the neighbourhood. The mews consists of Victorian houses, vintage fashion boutiques and of all great Italian restaurants and pizza parlours. The pastel hues of pink, peach, lavender, yellow, blue chalets and blooming magnolias in spring will make the street Instagram worthy.

Bywater Street, Chelsea

South West London Chelsea place is where another of London’s most classic street lies. The houses there belong to the most lavish part of the town and in all sense is the most English street you can think of. The colourful houses at sight giving you a most soulful feeling and there are bars, restaurants and apartments are never vacant. The lavender, pink and white houses are on and off available for rent.

Portobello Road, Notting Hill

If you are talking about Britain’s most classic and colourful streets you cannot survive without mentioning Portobello Road. The street is the most chromatic in the whole city which is why it is more popular than others. It is often where movie shoots are held particularly the movie Notting Hill itself where Hugh Grant’s house with a blue door is on the Portobello Street. Another Hugh Grant’s movie ‘About A Boy’ was also partly shot at the street. The market on the street and the properties are such that you can’t resist a photograph which is why it is also popular Street among fashion bloggers who are often caught performing their shoots at the street. Looking at this classic location will bring the essence of amour in you.

Kynance Mews, Kensington

The Kynance Mews is known for the beauty of it in the carpet of autumn leaves on its magnificent side streets, its grand arched entrance and picture perfect English houses. In fact the street looks unique in its own way no matter what time of the year it is. The spring brings blooming colours while winters brings in smoky fog. The Kynance Mews lies in South Kingston which is quite peaceful and down the street you can locate the beautiful Kingston church.  The IVY drooping over the stone and pastel hued architecture is everything you need to capture a perfect image for. There are clinics, shops and bars but you might be so distracted with the magnificence of the area that it will take a while for you to recall why you are here.

St. Luke’s Mews

St. Luke’s mews is probably the most famous mews in whole of London when it comes to the pretty streets and colours of Notting Hill. The reason behind its popularity comes from the multi-starring movie Love Actually as the scenes of the movie are filmed here as Juliet (Keira Knightly) lived on the Street. The lovely pastel pink houses bring out the romance that resides in our soul and you can’t stop yourself from aweing while taking a stroll. The overbearing façades and a bicycle under the archway that latterly never leaves its spot, gives every bit of ‘classic novel cover’ look to the mews.

Chalcot square

Just like all other beautiful mews in London Chalcot square is yet another dreamy square that consists of pastel coloured homes and peaceful air. The square lies in Primrose Hill and gives out the perfect classic British feel. The neighbourhood is quite friendly and stepping into the area will make you forget that it’s not 1980s. Primrose hill is home to few celebrities as well known novelist Sylvia Plath and actor Jamie Oliver.

Holland Park Mews’ Kensington

Two minutes’ walk from the Kyoto Gardens you will locate a beautiful street that came right out of a British classical film or a novel. You will find it in the classic Brought of Kensington and Chelsea. The place is peaceful for a stroll and while you take one you will find yourself awing the hidden treasure of the beautiful street found in London.

Kelly Street, Kentish Town

If you are a slayer for Victorian houses lined up the street with peaceful neighbourhood and everything in the reach of it than Kelly Street is one you are looking for. The street lies in Kentish Town North West London which seems as it came right out of a Nicholas Sparks movie. The pastel coloured houses provide a spectacular image in spring and summer season which makes Kelly Street famous not just around London but across Britain for its alluring rainbow photography.