Moving out of your parent’s accommodation to reside in a city elsewhere can be quite a nerve-wracking task for some, whilst also being one of the most thrilling experiences to undergo during one’s life. Even if you do stay in the vibrant city of Birmingham and are now transitioning in to a student life, fret not, one is only lost until a simple guide of every necessity relating to accommodations you would need during the course of attending lectures as a student.

All cities may appear a tad threatening and daunting until one finds an abode they can truly call home and adapt well to its environment. Needless to say this subject matter should one of the most essential topics to look in to when staying at Birmingham, so one could dwell in to its greatness rather than anxiety. With more than one exemplary universities and educational establishments to enroll in, it is of wise contemplation to select an accommodation that would make traveling to your choice of institution most convenient whilst also indulging in the many fancy restaurants and places of attractions.

Here are most student friendly locations for accommodation

My Student Village

With almost 12,000 beds across the UK we are one of the largest providers of student accommodation in the UK. We work hand-in-hand with University partners to develop comfortable, stylish and affordable living options that go beyond the original remit for student accommodation.

Live as part of an exciting student community, in flats, studios and bedrooms designed wholly for your lifestyle, needs and studies.”

 This website is not mere chatter as they live up to the expectations of every visitor that lands on their page and chooses to contact the home providers for enquiry and then some. They offer houses that are certain to be most suitable for students who wish to travel to their universities and visit the many attractions or restaurants situated in the centre of this great city with utmost comfort.

Fresh Student Living

“Think Birmingham, think vibrant. With so many universities including Birmingham University, Birmingham City University and Aston University providing epic nightlife alongside exhilarating learning opportunities, you might start thinking the city was built just for you. And did you know that Birmingham has more miles of canal than Venice, and its Jewellery Quarter has the largest concentration of jewellers and specialist shops anywhere in Europe?

All great cities come alive at night and Birmingham is no exception. Check out the student nights in a huge collection of pubs, bars and clubs down on Broad Street and Brindley Place. Get yourself along to the super stylish Bull Ring shopping centre, home to Selfridges and many other major brands for a spot of retail therapy. When a break is needed from all the excitement, take refuge in the new central library, The Birmingham Museum and art gallery, plus the city’s Science Museum at Millennium Point.”

65,000 and a quick-paced growing amount of students of this accommodation provider could not have made a wiser decision with the great customer service they provide to each and every one of their residents.

The Student Housing Company

“Living here will put you right in the middle of all the fun, and within easy reach of everything. Aston University campus is just over the road, Birmingham City University is a 15-minute walk, and University College Birmingham is a 20-minute walk. But you’re welcome to come and live here wherever you’re studying in the city!”

 Situated in between Bagot and Holt Street, their lavishing, yet affordable Bentley House makes a statement of its own. With the option to choose either an en-suite room in a shared flat with varying number of bedrooms alongside a shared kitchen and an individual studio, each brilliant in their own right, one would be tempted to register or drop and email almost immediately to reside in this fascinating artwork of a home opening shortly in September 2017. But if that does not suffice to strike your fancy, your rent will also cover the private on-site gym, Wi-Fi at a lightning speed, central heating, free postal service and loads more.

Birmingham Accommodation

“Student life at the University of Birmingham is so much more than your bedroom. For most of you, student accommodation will be your first time living independently and we strive to offer you a welcoming environment so that your new room instantly feels like home.

At Birmingham we offer a fantastic choice of living, all which provides a safe, secure and sociable start to your university experience.”

 Offering an undergraduate and postgraduate set of accommodations, this world renowned university offers it’s attendees an opportunity to live and study hassle-free through their establishment.

With the ease of online advancements, it is no longer necessary for anyone to drain their legs to a point of torpor each day when ravaging the streets lurking about for an affordable and apt four walled residence. Here are some websites you could have a gander at and pass a verdict on your desired abode for bookings and further information.