Sheffield is kind of an underrated city in UK but it is not because the city doesn’t have what it takes but the fact that it doesn’t have marketing techniques. Travel bloggers not nearly write pieces on attractions you can find there so here I am trying to convince that Sheffield has more than you think, one word, Food! Nothing makes a city more binge worthy than its devouring adventures so here 8 destinations where you shouldn’t miss eating.

Street Food Chef

StFoodChef_brendon_tyree_food_photography-0 (1)

The best things to eat in the city will be found at this Mexican place where vegetables are fresh, the meat tender, the salsas tangy, most particularly try their breakfast burrito that will make your day. The authentication of the restaurant is enough that it has won two awards from Eat Sheffield and a Reader’s Recommendation in the Good Food Guide 2013.  Since then the Street Food Chef kept their focus on Mexican street food, from burritos to nachos and everything in between, all made according to authentic recipes, with locally sourced, fresh ingredients preparing, spicy salsas and chilli sauces. The restaurant is quite cosy with casual wooden tables and benches, brightly coloured walls and of course a piñata hanging from the ceiling for the actual Mexican feel.

The Wick At Both Ends

The Wick At Both Ends,

In case you are looking for a place that sends posh vibes and food that is good without being too fancy like those lavish restaurants and their cringe worthy menus, then this is the pub where you need to make your next stop. The Wick At Both Ends serves excellent British food including mussels in cider, fish ‘n’ chips, The chicken “burger”, for instance, is a fillet marinated in garlic, lemon, thyme and that iconic Sheffield condiment, Barnsley chop with rosemary and mint butter, crushed potatoes and green beans, or the slow-braised beef skirt served with pomme purée, chard and caramelized baby onions. All of this is prepared on-site in the kitchen which is clearly keen to show a little creative flair. They also serve variety of wines, beers and cocktails and live music with a DJ bar.

The Great Gatsby


More Mexican food with even more twisted infusion is nowhere but at The Great Gatsby With Shy Boy Cantina in the kitchen you can expect best taco fillings, such as: Fried chicken with daikon pickle and Korean hot sauce; Baja fish and slaw; and Aubergine, peanut and coriander aioli. Then there is kimchi, burritos with slow braised beef and anything that will spice up your taste buds. They have an exceptionally vast variety in cocktails, wine and beer in their trendy equipped bar that has casual lively vibes coming from it.

Two Steps

two steps

The oldest and the best ‘fish ‘n’ chips’ servings you can have in the whole town. The items comes on your plates directly from the fryer and so you will always find it fresh and smoking hot because that is the only way to take your ‘fish ‘n’ chips’. They have been making fish & chips since 1895 and so they know exactly how you like it and mind you it is not just a snack serving but a content succulent bite. Two Steps are popular amongst the local students so go grab a quick and excellent devour if you haven’t already.

Craft and Dough


A foodie’s guide and no pizza place mentioned that is like cake without icing. Craft and Dough is perfect pizza parlor in Sheffield with adventurous and mouthwatering pizza toppings like Yorkshire goats curd and Henderson’s Relish or braised ox cheek, pepperoni, balsamic red onion mozzarella and oregano. They have a wide selection of craft beers and cocktails thus making an existing combo of food and drink for you.



This isn’t just a sandwich shop if that’s what you have heard but Bragazzis is an Italian café that serves sandwiches and coffee in its utmost form. They have handpicked olive oils, balsamic vinegar, dry pasta, fresh cheese and more deli ingredients that go into making fresh sandwiches. Their wooden-clad surroundings and Wicker baskets alongside plastic straws and Classic Italian posters hang on the walls makes the place quite casual yet quirky where you can bite and sip all you want.



In simple words Fanoush is Quick, cheap, healthy and tasty bite on the go. A freshly-cooked falafel combined with a massive selection of cheeses, hummous, salads and spices dressings in a warp. They have two locations in Sheffield thus making sure it can be found easily as your tummy rumbles.

Twisted Burger Company


Burgers here range from meat to chicken to vegetarian while all of them come with an array of extravagant toppings and sides so don’t just expect wedges but delicious crispy fries, shakes and sauces. Top favorites from their menu include the Drop It like It’s Hot, with spicy refried beans, Monterrey Jack cheese, hot sauce and a house BBQ sauce, or the Rasher’s Delight, the UK’s first bacon burger featuring a double bacon patty, coleslaw and dressing. The best thing here is that they serve until 4 am with ever changing music menu.