Gone are the days when your passion is to be an artist while your professional degree is in Business Management. With more recognized studies has taken over the developing state of lives we can now study deep in what we find passion. Art, creative writing, film and of course professional music all of which is adapted as degree courses around London. When it comes to obtaining a degree in the field of music there are varied choices including Music Management, Production, Composition, Direction etc. all of which are offered by music school and top universities in London.

University of West London-(LCM) London College of Music

In the heart of the UK’s music and media business London College of Music is the largest specialist music and performing arts institution in the UK that has its name on firm ground established for over 130 years. The teaching staff is directly linked with work in the industry, bringing relevant and cutting-edge experience to prepare you for your own career. LCM offers a wide range of innovative music courses that are recognized all around the world.  Delivering creativity and passion top those who want professional learning in the field of music. Bachelor programmes include music performances and  Music Management, Music Technology and Composition, Master Degree in Electronic Composition and Music Production. London College of Music has opened state-of-the art studios for new talent this year thus making The London College of Music and enhancing platform to study music.


Royal College of Music

The Royal College of Music is one of the world’s great conservatoires that pass training and gifted musicians and provide all over the world for international careers as performers, conductors and composers in the field of music.

Founded in 1882 by the Prince of Wales (later Edward VII), the RCM has trained some of the most important figures in British and international music industry.  Composers such as Holst, Vaughan Williams, conductors such as Leopold Stokowski, Sir Colin Davis and Sir Roger Norrington; singers such as Dame Joan Sutherland, Sir Thomas Allen and Alfie Boe; instrumentalists such as Sir James Galway, John Lill and Natalie Clein etc. are some well know names linked with their origin towards RCM. With over 800 students from more than 60 countries studying at undergraduate and master’s level degree in music; the RCM is a vibrant community of talented and open-minded musicians. Professors at RCM work with the most talented students of each generation to unlock their artistic potential.



One of the most aspiring music schools in UK that provides professional degree in Music Management and Bachelor degree in Music with specialization in song writing production, singing or any instrument. LCCM keeps the latest trends in cue while keeping everything high tech and synchronized itself with the music industry.

LCCM also provides one-year courses in bass, composition, drums, guitar, piano, saxophone, singing, song writing, studio production, trombone and trumpet. LCCM attracts talented student musicians who are interested in entering music industry or applying it to other related fields. The academic strategy of LCCM has stern focus to keep the preparation of students for an unorthodox, competitive industry relying on their own ideas, creativity and intellect. The LCCM promotes innovation, artistry and initiative through the development of advanced knowledge in Music. LCCM students are trained to understand first-class skills in a principle discipline required in music fields like harmony, orchestration and musical while adaptation of continuous technological change in music industry. This year LCCM find new teach home for creative students at the Music Box, LCCM’s purpose-built creative campus at the very heart of London’s cultural Southbank.


University of Westminster

Graduating with a degree in music from University of Westminster students who enter the wild aura of the music industry shape it rather than just becoming part of it. University of Westminster offers five innovative music programmes designed not only to educate and enhance your natural talent and interest towards the field of music but also to prepare you for your potential career in the music industry. The university’s music department has a strong reputation and partnerships with leading popular music centers around the world.  Students passing with a degree in music from University of Westminster have become recording artists with major and independent record labels, and performers with high-profile artists. While music entrepreneurship is a common trend skilled by students from the University of Westminster London. Their undergraduate degree includes Bachelors in Commercial Music and Bachelors in commercial Music Performances.  While a master degree in Audio Production, Music Business Management, Audio Production and Music Business Management.


City Lit

City lit is an institute situated in the Covent Garden that offers a wide range of part-time, evening and weekend music courses. The institute is well recognized and known to lead your music career at many levels to suit your needs and aspirations. Or simply help you learn to play a variety of instruments and developing your natural skills. Explore the field of music varying from jazz to rock. Learn to sing or improve your in born talent of singing as you work with professionally-equipped music technology studio in the City Lit Institute. They help you choose the right course and the right instrument, you can come and watch students perform recitals and opt your own course accordingly.