Lincoln might be one of the most underrated cities in UK but it is not behind the celebration of summer events and festivals from any other big city. From food festivals to music concerts, Lincoln keeps up with all the hot trends across the country. The city has awe – inspiring gothic architecture particularly the Lincoln Cathedral. The classic city yet holds a Victorian prison, the classic most English gallery; The Usher Gallery and much more sight-seeing and landmarks.

Here are some highlighted summer happenings you might get attracted to and crave to visit Lincoln this summer.

Lincolnshire Show

The 133rd Lincolnshire show is back to be the hub of entertainment in the town. The one event where you can eat all you want, while admiring the agriculture and its production. The main aim of the event is to showcase the 200 acres of the Lincolnshire showground. While there will be enough food to keep your fill for the two day event, music, shopping, livestock, and shows where the whole family can participate. Expect pony competitions, dog show, flower show, local food exhibition, and shopping for whatever you can think of. What is a show with local food producers without some live happenings in the kitchen where the local chefs demonstrate the art of cooking the local products? Cakes and pastries and sausages, can you resist that? Also experience Air shows and historic craft beer at the well preserved local event on 21st – 22nd June from 8 am – 6 pm.

SO Festival


27th June – 2nd July

One of the most awaited family festival in Lincolnshire where all the magic happens: From awesomest performances to creative arts and circus and boating for family. It’s all about coming together and interacting with families from the town and celebrating local art and culture. A place to display local art and admire the artists behind them, there will be street art display and cake fest. To know more visit:


22st to 24th July

Deerstock is a family music and beer festival set in the Trent Valley in Nottinghamshire which an opportunity to bring together national and local bands. At Deerstock everyone shares a weekend of music from variety of genres and lot of booze. Expect somewhat 30 bands over two stages featuring a variety of top quality music. Lineup includes Eddie and the Hot Rods, Funke, Two Tone Baby and KT Ana and more.

Burghley’s Film Festival

From 26th – 30th July

This isn’t just another film festival where there is more yapping and less of the actual film screening. The Burghley’s Film Festival is the five day event where your favourite films are screened. Four movies in one day, British BBQ, drinks, and Burghley’s very own art collection to admire. Pre booking the tickets will give you convience and saving and once you here the menu card of what movies are going to be screened you won’t be able to stop yourself from buying the tickets right away:

The jungle book – 26th July

Finding dory – 27th July

Dr. Strange – 28th July

Kung Fu Panda 3 – 29th July

La La Land – 30th July

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them – 30th July

To know more visit:

Lincolnshire International Chamber Music Festival

The 9 day music festival this year is around the theme of revolution and romance genres. Uncovering the best of local talent as they play some jazz and classical music, with performance from ‘The Pride and the Prejudice’ and that is just the beginning.

  • On 29th July: Serenade Orchestra at St Botolph’s Church, Boston, 7:30pm
  • On 30th July: All the People Rejoice! At Gainsborough Old Hall, 7:30pm. Where there is entertainment with witty insights of the relationship between music and monarchy. Piano (Anna Tilbrook) and soprano (Mary Bevan).
  • On 1st August: Music & Mime, at Sam Newsom Centre, Boston, 11: am. A concert of music, mime, magic, and mirth, it will make you laugh and cry, expect top comedy mimeto entertain you all day long.

To know more about the 9 day festival visit:

Lost Village

August 24th – 27th

It is time to forget who you are and belong to the place where you stand; Lost Village festival lets you find the lost land as your own. The abandoned ancient forest of Lincolnshire is going to be filled by wandering souls and misfits who feel home in the midst of the woodland. Here you will find people alike you, the dreamers in the fantasy world and find peace with believe. Lose yourself in a 4 day camping and dreaming with friends in the village as losing yourself is when you find your true self.


Freedom Festival

2nd to 4thSeptember

Yet another music festival in city of Lincolnshire: Freedom festival is one that will be crammed full with various sorts if family entertainment. There will be music, street theatre, art, dance, visual art and much more all set in the city of Hull. The freedom festival is here to give you an insight into the cities heritage and all that it has to offer.