For a special summer, one needs to spend it in a place that is always on the hype of events, parties, concerts, festivals etc. and most of the cities in UK fulfil your summer activities. This year we have chosen Bristol as the best spot to have a great time.

Foodies Festival

12th – 14th May 2017

Taste, eat, bake, drink, dance all your way through the foodies’ festival in Bristol. The Great Bake Off winner Candice Brown entertaining you with live baking and telling you the secrets to pull of perfect cakes and desserts. You also get to meet Michelin starred Chefs Josh Eggleton and also watch popular chefs cook their signature recipes at the Chefs Theatre. Have afternoon tea in the Vintage Tea Tent; taste wine, champagne and craft beer in the Drinks Theatre; buy from local producers in the Artisan Market;

And that’s not all, kids get to enjoy the Children’s Cookery Theatre; live music while adults can enter the Chili Eating Competition; followed by refreshing cocktails from the Bar Bus and Pimms Teapot. One stop spot for all the foodies in the city; have a fun day out in the VIP experience.

Stoke Road Bristol BS9 1PG

Grillstock Festival

1st and 2nd July 2017

What is better than some booze? Maybe some feet stomping music I guess, while chomping down some beef burgers sounds even better than that, is it? What if I tell you, you can have all the beer you want with beef burgers and live music to dance around all weekend at Grillstock Bristol 2017. The weekend dedicated to Meat, Music and Mayhem in celebration. This year’s Sunday night headliners will be ‘The Darkness’ while expecting more than 30 acts from varying genres catered for. While the bet part of the event includes eating contests, battle of the bands and UK’s best BBQ competition. Don’t you just smell the beef already?

  • Saturday (£25 plus fees)
  • Sunday (£18 plus fees)
  • Full Weekend (£37.50 plus fees)
  • limited number of early bird tickets are available at £60 each

Tickets include entry to the festival, with music and access to sample food from the competition rounds.

Gin Boat Cruises

All good things are coming to Bristol this summer because you won’t get a Gin cruise anywhere else. Series of Gin Boat cruises are coming to the city of Bristol and it is all about partying hard. 2 hours of scenic tour of Bristol by waters while you sip on some special crafted gin Cocktails and gin tonics from the menu particularly designed by the Bristol dry gin for the cruise event.  After the cruise you get even more gin experience at the tour of Bristol’s Dry Gin Distillery in St. Nicholas market. See how they make some dry gin while you can get yourself more gin to gulp down. A gin experience you won’t forget – 10 days of gin in Bristol so mark your calendars for the following dates –

1st of June, 7-9pm

8th of June, 7-9pm

22nd of June, 7-9pm

20th of July, 7-9pm

27th of July, 7-9pm

3rd of August, 7-9pm

4th of August, 8-10pm

10th of August, 7-9pm

18th of August, 7-9pm

24th of August, 7-9pm

You can find tickets exclusively at Foozie so to buy now click:

Bristol International Balloon Fiesta

August in Bristol is all about being in the air! Bristol International Balloon Fiesta is coming back this summer from 10th – 13th August, it is Europe’s largest annual meeting of hot air balloon by Bristol Energy. The event covers the sky full of colourful hot air balloon while a lot of entertainment on the ground. The night view of the fiesta is one heck of a sight as the fireworks and balloons enlighten the night sky.

For more details follow the link:

Upfest Festival 2017

Upfest Europe’s largest street art & graffiti festival where more than 300 artists come from across 30 countries find venues to paint live through Bedminster and southVille Bristol. The artists cover paint 30,000sqft surfaces while more than 35000 spectators watch them perform the transition on the blank canvas. While other than watching the artist create art you can buy art pieces, experience music, and take part in workshops and be part of a charity as well.. The festival is for the whole family to enjoy and get inspired by art in Bristol. This summer upfest is going to be as artistic as you want it, to know more follow the link.

Bristol in The Sky

The one event you cannot miss this year in city of Bristol because it’s going to elevate you up in the air. Bristol in the sky gives you a chance to have a meal in the air from 7th – 10th September 2017, you will see number of best restaurants in Bristol serving you, collaborating under the event. Suspended 100ft in the air, serving in a pop up kitchen and you don’t have to fear a fall. Bristol in the Sky is an experience you won’t forget as there is so much to see, eat and feel being part of the event. The best thing about the event is you have option of four different meals in a day and there is a special menu is under the name of the chefs. Can anything be more exciting than this?