UK has been hot spot for students coming from all around the world to obtain their bachelor and post graduate degrees. UK is ranked as one of the top most countries that attract students for its most recognized and student satisfactory universities, cheap and accessible student accommodation, fun and entertainment in and out of the campus, student discounts, student jobs, scholarship programs etc. UK cities have been ranked within the top 70 student attractive spots for higher education.


Birmingham is ranked 66th in top ranked cities for students, it is the second largest city of England and also second largest center for higher education. Its academic focus was brought due to high student satisfactory university life. Birmingham universities lets the students see bigger picture of living a student life in the world both inside and outside the campus. Top QS ranked universities in Birmingham include University of Birmingham that is one of the top universities of the world in number 76th position.  Aston University and Newman University are quite the popular institutes for higher education. Other than that the night life and entertainment in Birmingham is one of the main attractions for the students. There are malls, coffee shops, libraries etc. that happily provide student discounts and the student accommodation are accessible, affordable and comfortable for you to make them your personal region.


There is so much in the city of Nottingham for students that it has been ranked as the 8th most affordable city for students according to the student living index. Whereas the city leaves behind Paris and ranks at 57th best student city over all and Nottingham being one of the largest cities in UK for its student population it has variety of attractions to keep them all partying while they obtain the professional degree. One of the highest ranked universities in the world has its origin coming from the city the Nottingham University which also has its campuses reaching as far as Malaysia and China. Nottingham Trent University is another QS ranked university and Nottingham Business School that has been the hub of business students from around the world. Other than that the events of music and art are always happening in the city with attraction of various shops that provide student discounts in the center of the city, parks and galleries etc.


The student culture in the city has been one basic reason why Northwest England has one of the largest student populations. It has been ranked 36th on the index of best student cities because of the advanced training provided at the universities on developing strong leadership skills in students, accustoming their focus towards their career and bringing about sustainability in them. This way student gets to achieve quick adaptation of work ethics in the organizations they are employed in. the reason why employer activity in the city is the quickest when compared from around the country. It is the most career safe city after London and also the highest ranked city for economic stability. Other than that the night life for the students comes woven with music, art and cultural events. You will find few of the world’s well-known universities like the University of Manchester and Manchester’s Metropolitans University.


The favorite destination of the student world is always Edinburgh or as it is called ‘the Athens of north’ or even the center of education. International students are always keeping the keen eyes on the city for higher education because the perks provided to international students are best from among the world. The capital of Scotland is ranked at 33rd position in students index of the best cities whereas the university of Edinburgh is ranked 21st on the QS world university rankings. The universities in Scotland are one of the leading institutes of recognized education and so the cost of the ranked and popular institutes are comparatively high but the fees is not put as a barriers to entry for academic witted students. The students can take advantage of the benefits provide by the Student Award Agency Scotland (SAAS) that help you subsidize the fees thus attracting large number of international applicants. The city has both historic and young Heritage Site Old Town and unique festivals are attraction of the youth. The four universities that lie in Edinburgh are some of the finest in the UK. University of Edinburgh, Heriot-Watt University and Queen Margaret University are world’s most recognized universities.


The capital of England is ranked as the 5th most favorite city the student city index. It is the hub for students coming from around the country, across the border and from all around the world. Almost 20 universities situated in London are recognized within top 800 worlds educational institutes that are popularly provide recognized programmes for students adopting varying careers and professional degrees. Not just that it is versatile enough to accustom students speaking up to 300 native languages. Student accommodation, transportation and other prospects of student life inside an outside campus are accessible and affordable. Student jobs in London are plentiful, employers are looking for young and active people to provide them with internships or happily provide them part time job opportunities over experienced and mature individuals most of the times. Top universities in London are well recognized and known to provide variety of programmes to accustom the interest of city as itself. Names like King’s College London, Imperial College London, University of London, and London School of Economics are few institutes that accommodate large percentage of total student population in the city. There is a whole different collaborations focusing on why London is top most favorite city for students. We all know the love of food Londoners have and how it provides the food in nothing less than a form of art. Art itself is in vibes that makes every other person an art enthusiast and what is perfect in it is the attraction for culture and heritage the city provides in the form of art.