Life of a student doesn’t just comes around as accessible accommodations, varied creditable courses and top universities but the nightlife of students are a big part as well, that is the reason London is one of the top destinations for studying abroad. Business management, PhD, MSc, Architecture, Art whatsoever the field you have opted London is the place for students. Budgeting is yet another concern of students, saving it from food, sacrificing on entertainment, transport etc. good thing that London provides flexible options when applying for scholarships.

Finding a suitable scholarship requires a lot of research, there are as many types as there are students, so you will have to be patient and begin your research before time.

There are both government and non-government funded scholarship provisions in London for international students. One of the government funded scholarship providers is the common wealth scholarships for developing common wealth countries:

Here are different types of Scholarship options you might want to choose from:

Full scholarships: The most popular type of scholarship particularly for international students as they cover not just your tuition fees but your living costs as well. They are best for high achieving students.

Part scholarships: These are a bit flexile and can range from small, one-off payments to covering the entire tuition fees. They do not usually include covering your accommodation.

Country-specific scholarships: the availability of African, European, Asian students is high but make sure you check your availability carefully.

Course-specific scholarships: popular courses like MBA, PhD, Arts are easy to find but there are also varied options that you might attain on extensive and accurate research.

Your research will depend on the preferences of your courses; the course can be either part time, full time, weekend etc. The things to keep in mind while the research for the scholarships that suits you is

  • Search and shortlist the courses you are interested in, pick out at least 2-3 courses in different universities and make sure there are more than one scholarships options offered for those courses. This way you will have back up and you will save time.
  • Make sure your research carefully, asking all the required questions by communicating with the colleges/universities. Don’t just talk to the administration but also look through the student forums that have students studying through those scholarships.
  • Fill out the forms: again more than just one that suit your options and the ones you are eligible for. Make sure you fall in to the criteria of the scholarships and double check it, so you don’t waste time. The options are available in both merit and financial basis
  • When filling out the forms: first make sure whether it should be typed or hand written.
  • Be sure you provide all the required details that the panel needs without errors. Missing out info, illegible writings, spelling or grammar errors will not give out a good impression.
  • Learn which documentations and certifications you will need to attach and check their expiration and authentication etc. before time.
  • Don’t attach or put information more than what is asked for
  • Be very much before time and keep in mind of the deadlines, interviews, test dates etc. make sure you have all your documents organized before time.
  • Some of the applications will ask you to provide references, when providing references make sure you let the referees know that you have applied for the scholarships before time.
  • Before sending it out carefully check the address and see whether it should be sent online or by post. Try sending it at least 2 – 3 days before deadline.
  • Be very alert of scams and frauds, there are scam emails that peruse you to give out your personal details.

Most of the scholarship forms have basic stuff but they may also vary accordingly, you can expect things like:

  • Previous academic records
  • Financial records/ back up
  • An essay on a given topic
  • Long term plans

Be very careful and put out your best in it, remember that it is just like applying for a job. You will have competition and so thousands of applications from all over the world will be there to compete.

You can start here:

Top Universities that provide Scholarships in popular programs

Queen Mary University London

Queen Mary provides competitive scholarship and funding packages in undergraduate programs, Masters and PhD for students from about 150 countries.  QMUL has a special athlete programs that has flexible options and enables student athletes to focus on their studies, training and competition and less about the financial barriers that come with performing to an elite level, something that is becoming increasingly more difficult for the modern student.

For more info:

University of Westminster

There are number of scholarships both for undergraduate and post graduate programs and you can apply depending upon your flexibility at University of Westminster. Short courses and travel grants also readily available for students from UK/ EU/Swiss and beyond.

Learn more:

You also need understand that once you get selected and become part of scholarships not just in London but anywhere in UK and beyond, you need entitle the grant and maintain their requirements.