Food sciences Bachelor degree provides you with in-depth knowledge on the food sciences combined with engineering, biological and physical sciences of food. It gives a student full in-sight to the physical and chemical properties of food and overall understanding of the wide prospect food has. Food industry has always been developing in more aspects than just culinary arts and UK is the hub of food and art combined.

If you are into getting a professional degree in Food Science, here are famous UK universities providing the course.

University of Surrey

One of the most reputed universities in UK that provide highest level of student satisfaction offers a Nutrition and Food Sciences degree. The degree provides you a full insight of the broad impact food has on the population and bigger pictured that food tends to influence. You will get to dive in the secrets behind the science of food production, development and safety.

The broad curriculum programme at Surrey also gives you knowledge on the raw materials that are turned into food, the interaction between the food elements and especially how the food implies on the human health. Then there is food safety that is a significant part of the study during the course which keeps you in touch with new research and developments on food safety. Detailed study on how food micro-organisms and chemicals when combined cause sources towards diseses in the human body. On the other hand it also lets you study how some food combination of food brings out its maximum nutritional level in form of food safety.  The three year program is accepted worldwide providing wide opportunities to fresh graduates into food industry all around the world. The daily development of food sciences brings about awareness in people to consume the maximum nutrition of food bought from the market and the analysis behind this are from people who have studies Food Sciences.

University of Leeds

The range of courses provided at the University of Leeds is on a thorough grounding of the nature and power of food as a commodity. The stern focus of the programme of Food Sciences is on understanding the depth underpinning the behavior of food along the supply chain, and the effects of food on health. The three courses provided at The University focusing on food Sciences are –

  • Bachelor in Food Sciences
  • Food Studies and Nutrition
  • Bachelor in Nutrition

Food Sciences from University of Leeds is one of the top programmes in the whole country which provides you with an in-depth understanding of food processing, food texture, flavor in food, food formulations, new food development and food safety. It applies the pure science subjects of chemistry, biology, nutrition, biochemistry and microbiology, to the study of the nature and properties of food and the changes which they undergo during storage and processing.

Food Science also involves maintaining and improving food quality and safety. You will study specific modules where you will investigate the science behind preserving foods such as freezing, drying and canning. Along with that the fundamental study of the effects food and drink can have on our health and well being. The specialization can be in the modules of the course chosen from food origins and form, food quality assurance, food analysis, introduction to food product development, food processing etc.

The first year of study will be introduced to scientific principles related to the composition of foods, the sources of nutrients in the diet. The second year will enable you to deepen your understanding of food texture, flavor and taste and the final year, you will apply your knowledge and skills to designing new foods, from concept, through formulation and processing, through to sensory evaluation, packaging and marketing.

London Southbank University

London Southbank University yet another institute that makes it a significant prospect to work hand in hand with on-going development in field of Science, Technology and Socio-Economics. The course degree in food sciences assures scientific study of food in a multi-disciplinary approach, integrating the basic sciences (biology, chemistry and mathematics) and examining them within the context of the modern food industry.

For development in the approach of food technology an understanding of the complex commercial nature of the food industry is significant. You will get to study in product development labs include sensory evaluation suite and in extensive structured and analytical batch. Through the three year degree you will gain knowledge on extensive contemporary topic including:

  • Food safety
  • Food security
  • Nutrition
  • Wellness
  • Sustainability
  • Food ethics
  • Official and industrial food control

The University of Nottingham

At The University of Nottingham you get to study in a research led comprehensive institute and studying food Sciences is one of the most developing field which is accreted by the Institute of Food Science and Technology. It equips its graduates with the knowledge and skills to tackle the challenge of producing and manufacturing food for ever growing global population and their food choices. There are professional lectures, there are talks from industrialists, laboratory classes, a product development team challenge, small scale food manufacture in the campus where there is purpose-built food processing facility. You will be learning through real-life case studies and tours of food manufacturing sites. The University of Nottingham is one of the top universities in the country that provides the resourced knowledge on food sciences. One of the best things about choosing The University of Nottingham is the student satisfaction is high particularly for its on-going development it adopts while letting the students experience what it’s like to work in the field.