Big smoke has been consecutively ranked one of the top 3 student cities by QS ranking and this year it was ahead of New York and Paris. Most students shun the thought of opting London for higher education considering it the city with high living costs. Let’s not make it the conclusions without making extensive research and conducting a comparative advantage over other top student cities. London is a wild city, it requires hyperactivity for simple tasks, in reality it is the actual example of the city that never sleeps. You can live in the city your whole life and it still finds the way to surprise you. London has hidden secrets all around its nook and corners and you can discover a new one every day. Bigger the city, wilder is its ambiance.  London has everything that attracts the youth from heritage to art and culture, Film, theater, food, employment, career development etc. that sustains the university life out of the campus.

To those who think London will abandon you with life time burden of your student loan then you need someone to inform you with the authentic facts. Just with the help of some digging and research around you will find the life of students in London is made it easier with more flexible job opportunities and student discounts on ease. All you need is discount cards like the oyster card and see how high-street brands, transportation, restaurants, bars, cafes, clubs provide you a benefit for studying in Big Smoke. City as big as London isn’t just for high cost living but it is for flexible life style; You want eat smoking Jones you go for it but if you are low on cash at the end of the month London street food is perfect and affordable devour. You have cafes and clubs that provide student discounts and memberships as well where you can have access to the world of food and snacks. London just has variety of fish and chips if you like it traditional.

18 of London universities are ranked in QS world university ranking. It includes UCL (University College London), Imperial College London, King’s College London, London School of Economics and Political Science, Queen Mary University of London and more. These universities warmly welcome international students from all around the world and that to with flexible scholarship programs. There are bachelor degree and post graduate scholarships. London is the gateway to the rest of the UK and so International Students House runs a travel club that offers a range of subsidized trips in London and further afield. London is also the member of HOST, which gives international and EU students the chance to spend a weekend with a British family outside London.

When it comes to student accommodation and transportation facilities around the city than you have yet another added advantage being a university student. Public transportation is always a better option because you get up to 30 % discounts on your oyster card and thus the tube becomes your second home.

With oyster card you can gain discounts on other public transports as well all around the city like the Bus; it is a safe transport conveyance around the city   Although it’s best that you get around on your foot or cycle if you are not traveling too far from your place, investment on an affordable and durable bike would not only be easy on your pocket but save you from terrible London traffic unless you are not too good with cycling.

Accommodation in London is not easy to find, the vacant flats are filled within a day or two, and estate agents seem to be an expensive option but if you can invest its safe and long term home for your university life. If you it’s not possible to afford expensive agencies then there are a lot of other options all you need to did is make some contacts. Check out university notice boards where you may find your peers looking for flat mates, check out listings in local newspapers and university magazine. International Student House (ISH) is independent halls aimed for international students where you can apply for accommodation it also has its own societies and activities going on, if you’re an international student many universities give you automatic free membership to ISH. Universities usually have in campus hostels and if not they are always ready to guide you towards accommodation as per your pocket.

Studying somewhere as big as London students are always attracted to the nightlife outside campus, although it is not always the party scenario you see on TV and read in the books but London’s night life is always on. Clubs and pubs provide you with student discounts if you have a membership card and they have weekend parties hosted for students of London. If you are looking for themed nights and unlimited access to drinks join student forums and follow student blogs that give you virtual insight of the student night life options. London has all what you want and to any extent you want, if you want your university life to be wild Big Smoke is the best choice.